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If you don't know enough about making your lifestyle greener, the library is a good resource for that. We have books to help you incorporate a greener behavior into your lifestyle. We have compiled a list of books available to
check-out on the subject.

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PJFL Goes Green!

Here's how we do it at the Library!
• Patrons are offered the choice of checking out a Library tote or purchasing one for $1 to carry checked out items
• Our outdated program flyers get used as: Scrap paper. We Print computer passes & inter-office memos.
• We no longer provide hot and cold cups for staff to use on breaks. Everyone
has brought in their own mug or glass.
• Most staff use refillable water bottles.
• We have a recycle bin in our staff lounge area and in the Teen Center for non-paper recyclables such as #1 and #2 plastic containers, and aluminum foil.
• We recycle our ink and toner cartridges.
• We participate in the Better World Books Program which sells discarded books and donates the proceeds to charities which support literarcy.
• The Friends Library bookstore sells gently used books. Re-purposing books!
• Our cleaning products are Green Seal Certified.
• We collect & recycle batteries at our YA Center. How Can I Help?